Dynamic Fitness HPK: Tip of the week – Train like you were born to move or train like a baby

Trainers Kevin Duenas and Brian Richardson
This week’s Dynamic Fitness “Tip of the Week” comes from trainers Kevin Duenas and Brian Richardson, who can help formulate a workout plan that can help with motor behavior. Valley News/JP Raineri photo
Are you confused about your current workout? Are you unsure what exercises you should be doing? With the amount of misinformation floating around in social media who wouldn’t be. When choosing your next exercise or performance regimen, it’s important to have a basic understanding of human motor behavior. Or simply stated, keep it simple. Choose exercise modalities that people were born to do. The field of motor behavior may easily be organized into three categories: 1. Motor control – posture 2. Motor learning – Change through repetition 3. Motor Development – Improvement over time To take it a step further, as toddlers we rolled, crawled, twisted, lunged, squatted, pushed, pulled and walked our way into life. Keep your workouts the same type of activities. To help
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