Coyotes present disease risk to domestic pets and people

Coyotes can carry diseases that can affect pets and humans. Anza Valley Outlook/Micheal Ireland photo
The coyote is perpetually on the hunt, and pet owners need to be aware that interaction between their pet canine and a coyote may result in their dog becoming sick. Like them, hate them or despise them, coyotes can and do live in just about habitat. They have also succeeded in living in suburbs and cities like Los Angeles. These predators are very common in the mountain communities of the Anza Valley. The howling and yipping of these wild canines can be heard most evenings, and it is the sound of the West. But it also signals coyotes on the hunt or celebrating a kill of prey. The coyotes typically prey on rabbits, rodents, birds and reptiles, and they will feed on carrion and road kill. They will hunt larger prey such as deer, focusing on the sick, young, weak or wounded animals.
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