Was Richard Nixon impeached? Yes, by a 412 to 3 vote

Harold Pease Ph.D.
Harold Pease, Ph.D.
Most people hold that since former President Richard M. Nixon resigned from office as president before the full House of Representatives could vote on the articles of impeachment, he therefore was not impeached. But they omit the House vote 12 days after he resigned. There were two votes on impeachment by the full House of Representatives. The first, Feb. 6, 1974, was a vote 410 for and 4 against, authorizing impeachment proceedings against Nixon which allowed the House Judiciary Committee to begin the formal inquiry. Talk of such had preceded this vote for several months. Thereafter, following six months of House inquiry that did not go well for Nixon, he resigned Aug. 8, 1974, before the full House voted to actually impeach him based on the findings of their Judiciary Committee. So te
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