High school sports postponed and/or cancelled due to COVID-19 concerns

Local school districts have begun cancelling/postponing all athletic events until further notice with the concern of the health and safety of the players, fans, staff and coaches that attend due to COVID-19 concerns.
It was only a matter of time before the high school level of athletics would follow suite after the professional sports leagues were quick to act when it came to shutting their seasons down, or postponing them until further notice. Wednesday, March 11, was a dark day for the NBA and the NHL when they cancelled the remainder of their season, and Thursday it was a dark day for collegiate and many other professional sports as one-by-one the notice of sporting events nationwide were put on hold, some indefinitely for the 2020 season. Despite the fact that the average draw of spectators at a high school event doesn't come anywhere near the draw a professional or collegiate team brings in, the concerns are still the same at that level. [caption id="attachment_18658" align="alignright" width="
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