Meet Topaz, HHH’s Adoptable Animal of the week

Topaz, an adoptable mare at Heavenly Horse Haven, is in perfect health with a fluffy winter coat just beginning to shed. Anza Valley Outlook/Diane Sieker photo
Topaz is a mare with a history, and before she landed at Heavenly Horse Haven, her future was quite murky.“She came from San Diego Animal Control as part of a cruelty case,” ranch owner Gina Perrin said. “She was a tripping horse left tied to a tree. The rope on her nose was so tight it caused parts of her nose to collapse. She is completely healed now.”Banned in most states, horse tripping is roping the animal’s legs to make it fall violently to the ground on purpose.Called “mangana” in Spanish, it is defined as a throw with a lariat designed to catch a horse by the legs.The cowboy, or charro, ropes the front or hind legs of the horse, causing the animal to come crashing to the ground. Charros prefer small, lightweight horses because they are easier to bring
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