Wedding florist delivers mini bouquets to residents who need cheering up

Wedding florist Heather Manley donates flowers for weddings that were canceled due to the coronavirus after she recently purchased the flowers for clients. Heather and a group of other wedding florists helped her donate the flowers to various organizations and placing them on peoples’ porches. Valley News/Shane Gibson photo
When Temecula-area wedding florist Heather Christian Manley received word that three weddings planned for this weekend had been canceled due to the coronavirus outbreak, she had a problem on her hands. “I had to pay a couple of thousand dollars for the flowers for those weddings, and I wanted to do something with the flowers for good,” she said. “I just didn’t want them to sit in my shop and go to waste.”With the help of her sons, some friends and industry colleagues, Manley went about creating hundreds of mini bouquets of flowers. Then over the next two days, they delivered them to homes on city streets as well as senior citizen communities.Wedding florists Brandi Nicole, left, and Sheila Alonzo along
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