Murrieta shares data and information on projects and funding including canceled or postponed events amid COVID-19 impacts

Murrieta Mayor Gene Wunderlich and councilmember Jonathan Ingram review agenda items at the special city council meeting, May 19, held online and at Murrieta City Hall. Valley News/Courtesy photo
Murrieta announced the release of its “Reopening Resources Guide,” May 19, online at the Murrieta special city council meeting.The e-book can be accessed on the city website at and through social media and will be distributed to over 1,000 local businesses in the area. It provides a guide for businesses on safe practices as they begin to reopen to the public, following state and county guidelines and input from local businesses, other cities and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.“As we move toward this long-awaited reopening, we are all eager to get back to normal,” Kim Summers, city manager for Murrieta, said, “But the reality is much more complex. Our goal is to help the business community cut through the clutter and get
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