Menifee aims to fix traffic congestion with government-funded project

Menifee is in the process of interconnecting traffic signals, such as this system being installed at the intersection of Antelope Road and Stillwater Drive in Menifee. Valley News/Lexington Howe photo
Menifee is working on a project that will allow the city to help diminish traffic congestion. The traffic signal communications project was first awarded a grant of $1,021,600 in 2008, but only recently begun to be installed. Jonathan G. Smith, city engineer and director of public works, discussed the project in more detail over a video call.“We broke the project up to the east side and the west side of the I-215,” Smith said. “The city incorporated it Oct. 1, 2008, and at that time of our incorporation we had about, I want to say 50 traffic signals. They were all installed without any possibility of connecting them and bringing that information to one location.”They came up with a way of interconnecting traffic signals and bringing that information to city hall.“We c
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