Prepare the family pets for wildfire evacuation

The American Red Cross encourages California residents to create an emergency kit and plan for each family member, including the family pets. Valley News/Courtesy photo
LOS ANGELES – It’s wildfire season in California, and everyone should be prepared to evacuate their home if needed – but don’t forget Fluffy. The American Red Cross Los Angeles Region reminded pet owners that their furry friends are dependent on them for their safety during an emergency. The family’s disaster plans must include pets, and suggested several steps families can take to help keep their beloved pets safe.“The best way to protect your household from a disaster is to have a plan and making sure to include your pets can save time during an emergency and minimize confusion,” Guillermo Sanchez, preparedness and resiliency manager for the American Red Cross in Los Angeles, said. “We should plan for pets just like we would plan for people, setting aside emergenc
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