San Jacinto City Council approves needed pedestrian and bicycle safety projects

The narrow sidewalk at east of the San Jacinto Cemetery on San Jacinto Street, which is impassable due to the location of the power pole, will be improved by the city of San Jacinto in the next two years as part of the recently approved street safety plan. Valley News/Tony Ault photo
The San Jacinto City Council considered necessary street safety projects to be completed within two years and extended an urgency ordinance allowing restaurants and hair care businesses to operate outside until the coronavirus pandemic subsides, during the regular city council meeting Tuesday, Aug. 4.The teleconference meeting also heard the council giving unanimous approval to a “for” explanation on the proposed one cent sales tax measure being placed before the resident voters in the Nov. 3 general election ballot written by the city.The five-member council all reported their presence in the teleconference and heard a final complete Streets Safety Assessment Report made by Stuart McKibbin and the city engineering staff based on studies made by Fehr and Peers consultants hired
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