Bring a new pet home with these 5 tips

When bringing a new pet into the family, set up a proper introduction with any current pets to help make the transition easier. Valley News/Getty Images photo
Family Features, Special to Valley NewsBringing a pet home for the first time – even if the household already has other pets – can be an exciting moment. However, it’s important to involve the whole family in discussing whether the family will foster or adopt, and what each family member’s responsibilities with the new pet will be. It also takes preparation and patience to ensure a smooth transition.Regardless of the type of companion the family is welcoming into the home, adjusting to a new environment can be overwhelming and could lead to anxiety. Because dogs and cats do not communicate like humans, they often express anxiety by misbehaving, which makes it important to be willing to spend the first several days bonding with the pet and forming good habits.Visit the
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