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Rose Care FUNdamentals for October 2020

Frank Brines, ARS Master Consulting RosarianThe latest weather report verifies what gardeners suspected: August 2020 was the hottest August on record. We also experienced...

Bring a new pet home with these 5 tips

Family Features, Special to Valley NewsBringing a pet home for the first time – even if the household already has other pets – can be...

Financial tips for when you’re newly unemployed or business is slow

WASHINGTON CROSSING, Penn. – Over 3 million people in the U.S. have recently filed unemployment claims as a result of the severe economic impact...

Kaiser Permanente offers tips to help keep your heart healthy and strong

February is American Heart Month PASADENA – With February recognized as American Heart Month, Kaiser Permanente Southern California reminded everyone about the importance of caring...

How and when to prune rose bushes

In southern California winter is usually short and sometimes confusing. Winter for some plant life is a time of withdrawal that precedes renewal. For...

Rose Care FUNdamentals for October 2019

The next two weeks’ weather forecast looks like southwest Riverside County is back to a period of more normal temperatures for this time of...