The White House Siege, Occupation starts Sept. 17

Harold Pease Ph.D.
Harold Pease, Ph.D.
Harold W. Pease, Ph.D., Special to Anza Valley Outlook A Vancouver, British Columbia, group calling themselves the Adbusters recently placed an ad in social media calling upon “tens of thousands of our fellow citizens (to) lay siege to the White House” Thursday, Sept. 17, according to “The White House Siege – Tactical Briefing No. 1.” The siege is slated to last 50 days ending on Election Day, Teusday, Nov. 3. The Adbusters’ flyer began “All right, all you activists” and specifically named #MeToo, #BLM, #ExtinctionRebellion and invited all anti-Trump protestors. “We want to…spark a revolution with you… Are you ready for revolution? We are too… We will lay siege to the White House. And we will sustain it for exactly 50 days,” according to the social media
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