Know the differences among the common cold, the flu and COVID-19 

When it comes to COVID-19, it shares some symptoms with the common cold and flu, but the disease has other distinctive symptoms to look for. Valley News/Courtesy photo
PASADENA – Understanding the differences among the common cold, the flu and COVID-19 can be challenging, as they share many symptoms that can be confusing and worrisome to many people who may wonder what steps they should take to protect their health. Dr. Daisy Dodd, an infectious disease specialist with Kaiser Permanente Southern California, said that although these three diseases share common symptoms, they have distinctive differences the public should become familiar with, especially during the coronavirus pandemic. “There’s no doubt that there are similarities among these illnesses,” she said. “However, there also are significant differences one should be familiar with, as that will help you better understand when to seek necessary medical attention.” Dodd said th
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