Prepare a chilly day dish with a kick

Prepare Chipotle Veggie Chili with heavy, full of hearty vegetables and spicy peppers for a warm meal on a cool day. Valley News/Courtesy photo
Culinary.netSpecial to Valley NewsPicture in your mind a warm bowl cupped in your hands, defrosting your fingertips after you just walked inside from a chilly afternoon. The bowl is heavy, full of hearty vegetables and spicy peppers that in just a few short moments will overwhelm your palate.You dive in with a spoon, savoring every flavorful bite as you dip down to the bottom of the bowl searching for more to slurp up with every spoonful. Onion, red bell pepper and corn all blended into not only a vegetarian meal but a chili-lover’s paradise. It’s got the spices to make you say, “wow” but the smoothness that reminds you of something your mother once made when you were young.You throw your sweater to the side of the couch as your body temperature begins to rise. You
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