Gunslingers, an old railroad and shootouts are a part of Temecula’s history

The original picture is from Rancho News and is dated around 1977. The Bank in Old Town is visible as the building behind the horse. Valley News/Courtesy photo
Former mayor of Temecula, James “Stew” Stewart has been resharing historical photos of the city’s unique past on Facebook and has acquired quite a following. “It started when COVID-19 hit,” Stewart said. “I was trying to come up with things that would kind of take the citizen’s mind off COVID-19, the shutdown, because at that point we were all completely shut down. No one was going anywhere or doing anything.” Stewart came across the Temecula Valley Historical Society’s Facebook page. “I’m sitting there looking at it thinking ‘Wow, this is really cool,’” Stewart said. “So what I started to do is I started to repost some of their past backdated posts on my page.” Stewart credited the posts to them, and eventually, they began to reshare his posts o
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