Cybersecurity Expert: 35,000 fraud votes embedded for local and national democrat candidates in Arizona

NTD TelevisionSpecial to Valley NewsCybersecurity expert and retired Army Col. Phil Waldron testified in front of members of the Arizona State legislature Monday, Nov. 30.Waldron presented an analysis of data that shows a vote spike on Election Day shortly after counting started.“Arizona was a little bit different. It had a pretty strong rise right up at the front, the first part of voting day, whereas the other states have a gradual increase in votes. But this injection spike at 8:06 p.m. … is 143,100 votes that were injected, that was in excess of what the machines could have processed,” Waldron said.He presented an email sent Nov. 10, from an anonymous individual claiming to have witnessed a detailed plan to embed 35,000 fraud votes to each Democrat candidate
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