Protect your skin from sun damage during colder months 

Doctor with stethoscope
Valley News - Health
NEW YORK CITY – As autumn turns to winter, many places in the country are experiencing cooler weather and less sunlight. While it may be tempting to slack off on sun protection when the rays aren’t beating down, it’s imperative to stay vigilant through the darker winter months.“Most ultraviolet rays from the sun can penetrate cloud cover and fog,” Dr. Deborah S. Sarnoff, president of The Skin Cancer Foundation, said. “So you can still sustain sun damage – which can lead to skin cancer and premature skin aging – during winter months.”Ultraviolet B rays, which are mainly responsible for sunburn, are the strongest in the summer; however, UVB rays can burn and damage your skin year-round, especially on reflective surfaces such as snow or ice. Snow reflects up to 80%
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