An honest 2020 election is still possible Jan. 6

Harold Pease Ph.D.
Harold Pease, Ph.D.
Harold W. Pease, Ph.D.Special to Anza Valley OutlookEven with the most political censorship in U.S. History people of integrity know that the 2020 presidential election was the most fraudulent in our history.Opponents first said, “Show us the evidence.” When shown, they next admitted, “OK, there was fraud but not enough to change the outcome.” When hundreds of whistleblowers, many Democrats, surfaced and millions of Americans viewed captured videos of filmed corruption in nightly news broadcasts showing otherwise, that lie evaporated. Thousands either participated in it or witnessed it. When corruption could no longer be denied the narrative changed to, “It is too late to do anything about it. Accept the election.” But if you accept fraud in any degree, aren’t yo
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