How to drive in mud

It can be easy to get stuck and slip in slushy mud on Anza’s and Aguanga’s rural roads. Anza Valley Outlook/Diane Sieker photo
With the coming rains of winter arriving this past week, Anza Valley experts shared some dirt road lore gleaned from years of experience and a lot of literally messing around on the dirt, ice, mud, snow and sand. When the local dirt roads are saturated with 1-2 inches of precipitation and are muddy, try to drive in the middle of the road, move slowly and avoid jerky steering movements. In the event of the vehicle sliding, you are much less likely to end up in the ditch by traveling in the center of the roadway, as it gives you room to counter the skid. If you find yourself sliding, steer with it to regain control of the vehicle. If road conditions get really difficult, cars may have a harder time than trucks or SUVs due to their lower ground clearance. Keep that in mind. Places th
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