Wearing a mask in the Austin Hedges era

Opinion section
Valley News - Opinion
The irony about the mask situation is that those who feel most comfortable taking risks are most likely to wear a catcher’s mask in a Little League alumni game. Having a mask brings back memories of when I wore a catcher’s mask in College Park Little League during the Fred Kendall era. It was an enjoyable experience, and the only regret I have is that I couldn’t hit well enough to wear a catcher’s mask at higher levels. When I put on a mask now, I think of my catching days, and that mindset may or may not be a positive experience for others. I’m sure those who advocate wearing a mask to keep others safe didn’t have me in mind. My job is to keep others from being safe. My job is to keep the batter from being safe. My job is to make sure that the baserunner trying to score
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