Hemet Council terminates longtime Hemet city attorney with 3-2 vote

The Hemet City Council following a closed session meeting Tuesday, Jan. 12, and terminated its longtime city attorney Eric. S. Vail from Burke, Williams and Sorensen LLP and named Stephen Graham as the city’s interim city attorney.There was no further comment from the council about the reason for the firm’s termination that evening. In the 3-2 vote, Mayor Karlee Meyer, Mayor Pro Tem Joe Males and Councilmember Malcolm Lilienthal cast “yes” votes. Councilmember Russ Brown and Councilmember Linda Krupa cast “no” votes. The public or media may not attend council closed session meetings when personnel performance or legal matters are being discussed, but any action taken, if any, must be made public at the conclusion of the meeting.In previous meetings, several council memb
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