Use an avocado to make a creamy hair conditioner

Scoop up the mashed avocado mixture and work it into your hair using warm water. Valley News/Courtesy photo
Helen Hecker Special to Valley News Ever thought about using an avocado to condition your hair? One of the nice things about using avocados as a hair conditioner is that if you open an avocado and realize it’s dark, has a change in flavor or has too many black spots, and you’re uncomfortable eating it, you can cut them out and use it as a conditioner so it’s not wasted. Use an organic avocado if you want an organic hair conditioner. If you’ve never used an avocado as a hair conditioner treatment, try some on a few strands of hair first – just before shampooing your hair. That way you’ll know if it’ll wash out easily. It should wash out easily, but if you have bleached hair, it’s more porous and it may be a little harder to wash out. [caption id="attachment_40383
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