Sunday, June 20, 2021
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A tale of beef, beans, avocados and sausage

Rebecca Marshall Farnbach Special to Valley News It is no surprise that The Vail Cattle Company served beef to their cowboys. Every cookhouse meal featured platters...

Use an avocado to make a creamy hair conditioner

Helen Hecker Special to Valley News Ever thought about using an avocado to condition your hair? One of the nice things about using avocados as a...

Winds cause anxiety for De Luz avocado grower

Santa Ana winds have long been the cause of headaches for avocado growers, and the winds experienced in Southern California the first week of...

In Mexico, ‘green gold’ brings both riches and violence

MARK STEVENSON Associated Press SAN JUAN PARANGARICUTIRO, Mexico (AP) — Small-scale avocado growers armed with AR-15 rifles take turns manning a vigilante checkpoint to guard...