Are gophers getting the best of your yard?

Flushing out gophers with a garden hose is not recommended, as the gophers can hide out in one of their lateral burrows and wait out the water deluge. Valley News/Courtesy photo
TEMECULA – It takes but one gopher to tear up a lawn, burrow through the landscape, devour plants and destroy trees. A gopher is a small animal that feeds on roots and tubers from plants. The pocket gopher, which lives primarily in its underground burrows, is the species most people find in their yards.Gophers create burrows anywhere from 4-18 inches underground, parallel to the surface. Some parts of the burrow may be as much as 5-6 feet underground with several lateral burrows as well.Gophers are clever creatures and getting rid of them can take some time and effort. Some of the best ways to eliminate them are with natural predators and barriers that will redirect burrows.Natural predators to gophers are gopher snakes and barn owls; however, once the gopher population has b
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