Cahuilla earthquake swarm cause is revealed

This image illustrates the natural fluid injection process that triggered the Cahuilla earthquake swarm. Anza Valley Outlook/Robert Perkins image
After many months of unusually frequent earthquake activity that left Anza Valley residents shaken, the mystery has been solved by geoscientists using new groundbreaking technology. In a June 18 Caltech article by Robert Perkins, the cause of the Cahuilla earthquake swarm was revealed. A naturally occurring injection of underground fluids drove a four-year-long earthquake swarm near Cahuilla, Anza and Aguanga, according to a new seismological study that utilizes advances in earthquake monitoring with a machine-learning algorithm. Geoscientists used the algorithm that helps create a 3-dimensional picture of a fault zone, generating new insight into the seismic processes that lead to the continuous shaking that occurred in the Anza Valley since about 2016. Unlike mainshock/aftershoc
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