Eating for pleasure is the optimal cancer diet for patients

In many cases, cancer patients can and should eat what their mind and body are craving in the moment. Valley News/Courtesy photo
Dr. Joel Lamon Special to Valley News As a board-certified medical oncologist and hematologist, I’m often asked by patients, “What is the best diet for cancer patients?” First and foremost, I want eating to be a pleasurable experience for my cancer patients. Many of them ask questions about how to best approach their dietary and nutritional needs while undergoing cancer treatment. Others are convinced that following a certain cancer diet will give them the upper hand on the disease. I certainly acknowledge the value of a balanced, nutrient-rich diet and advise my patients to be health conscious as they choose what goes on their plate. But I am also of the belief that the chief pursuit in planning the diet of a cancer patient should be joy-filled, guilt-free eating that pr
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