Movie Review: ‘The Marksman’

Bob Garver Special to Valley News “The Marksman” has the unfortunate timing to come out less than a month after “News of the World.” Although the two movies are set over 150 years apart, the plots are very similar: a crusty adult has to go on a long, dangerous journey with a child they don’t know, to the point where they don’t even speak the same language. But while “News of the World” had a plum Christmas release date, thanks in no small part to the star power of Tom Hanks, “The Marksman” feels like it was always destined for the doldrums of January, even with Liam Neeson attached. Neeson plays Jim Hanson, a former Marine, recent widower and current rancher on an Arizona farm on the U.S./Mexico border. He spends his days fretting how he’s going to pay back a
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