Movie review: ‘A Man Called Otto’

Valley News/Courtesy photo
Bob GarverSpecial to the Valley News“A Man Called Otto” has not been a well-marketed film. The strategy of the film’s advertising seems to be: “You know how Tom Hanks usually plays likable/heroic characters to go along with his reputation for being a nice guy in real life? Come to this movie to get the opposite of that. See his versatility as he complains in a phony-sounding growly voice for 90% of the movie, followed by a heartwarming turnaround so sweet that most of the audience will be making the universal sign for gagging. It’ll be unpleasant until it isn’t.”First of all, it’s not like Tom Hanks has never gone grouchy before. I can watch everything from “A League of Their Own” to the recent “News of the World” to frankly most of “Toy Story” to se
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