Opinion: Stray dogs are a problem in Anza

Packs of stray dogs can threaten livestock and even people. Anza Valley Outlook/Diane Sieker photo
Dogs are man’s best friend and one of the world’s most popular pets, companions and helpers. But due to their predatory nature, canines can become aggressive, especially if they feel threatened or if they think their territory is being jeopardized. When dogs get loose, this aggression may even escalate.Reports of free-ranging dog packs in the Anza Valley are becoming more frequent on social media.“We are in Terwilliger off Roger and Terwilliger Road. We just had eight to 10 dogs dig under our fence and come on our property where our horses live. My husband scared them off the property and they’re heading toward Apple Lane, Roger and Monte roads. Be aware and keep your animals safe. I’m grateful my dogs were inside and my horses live in a herd so they can protect themselve
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