Western Science Center announces new research on three-toed Miocene horses

A new paper from the Western Science Center in Hemet painted a clearer picture of Southern California during the Miocene epoch and recently revealed new information about the fossils of horses found in the Cajon Valley Formation.“New remains of middle Miocene equids from the Cajon Valley Formation, San Bernardino National Forest, San Bernardino County, California is now available in the open access journal Paleobios,” according to WSC officials.The paper detailed three Miocene horses found in San Bernardino National Forest in the Cajon Valley Formation during a series of Western Science Center excavations: Archaeohippus mourningi, Scaphohippus sumani and Parahippus brevidens. The Miocene epoch spanned 23.03 to 5.333 million years ago, and the Cajon Valley Formation fossils are
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