How to secure a trustworthy pet sitter

Pet sitters can address pets’ needs while their owners are away, but finding one who will care for a pet like they is a member of the family could take some time and effort. Valley News/Courtesy photo
TEMECULA – Welcoming a pet of any kind into a home can be a lesson in love as well as one in responsibility. Pet owners must take various steps to ensure the safety and well-being of a companion animal, and it includes providing for that animal while on vacation. How long pets can remain at home alone depends on the pet, its age and its overall health. For example, an aquarium full of fish may thrive for a week with the assistance of an automatic feeder. Dogs, however, will need daily bathroom breaks and feedings, according to the Animal Humane Society. Adult dogs may be able to “hold it” for 10 to 12 hours, but young puppies and elderly dogs likely need more frequent breaks outside. Feeding and cleaning up pet waste is not the only consideration. Some animals require much more
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