Western Science Center Museum again offers outdoor educational opportunity

The 8-year-old Aguirre twins with their mother look through a glass window to “meet” the fossil bones of a prehistoric duck billed dinosaur at the Western Science Center’s outdoor educational exhibit, Saturday, April 24. Valley News/Tony Ault photo
The Western Science Center in Hemet took advantage of the COVID-19 tier reduction with the opportunity to show off some of their latest paleontology finds and educate students and residents about animals that roamed the planet during the ice age, Saturday, April 24. For the first time since March, the Western Science Center staff with Alton Dooley, Ph.D., executive director of the center, were on hand to greet more than 60 participants and their families to the latest dinosaurs found at the second Science Saturday look into the past since March 2020. Strict COVID-19 restrictions were followed with masks on and family separations. “We had two successful evening events last fall. This one is fairly similar to those. We got good feedback from those actually with more visitors here (du
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