Hemet Mountain Station deputies receive new truck

Deputies serving the Hemet Mountain Station have taken delivery of a new 2020 Ford F150 pickup truck. Anza Valley Outlook/Courtesy photo
Sheriff deputies serving the Hemet Mountain Station took delivery of a new 2020 Ford F150 pickup truck in April and went directly to social media to announce the good news.“Which patrol vehicle would you choose? F-150, SUV or the classic Crown Vic,” the sheriffs asked on their Facebook page. The overwhelming answer to the question was the spiffy-looking F-150.Sleek, powerful and fast, the new truck is a 2020 Ford F150 Police Responder®, specially made by Ford for law enforcement agencies.“It’s a standard truck designed for law enforcement use,” said Sergeant Bryan De Loss. “It is equipped with our normal lights and siren package, mobile data computer and other important tools.”According to Ford, the vehicle comes with enhanced performance, special tires and a
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