The Southwestern League football coaches and Carl Galloway, athletic director of Vista Murrieta High School, recently met to go over the selections for the First and Second All-Southwestern League Offensive and Defensive teams. The first-place team always hosts the meeting with their school’s athletic director, which went the way of the Broncos during this shortened season.

Based on where an SWL team placed also determines how many selections that team will get. Also in play are the Most Outstanding player award, Co-Offensive and Co-Defensive awards, Outstanding Lineman award and the Outstanding Special Teams Player award.

For the Offensive Teams, Vista Murrieta has eight selections, Chaparral has six, Murrieta Valley has five, Great Oak and Temecula Valley have four and Murrieta Mesa has two. On the Defensive side of the ball, Vista Murrieta has eight selections, Chaparral has six, Murrieta Valley only has three, Great Oak and Temecula Valley have four and Murrieta Mesa has two.

Vista Murrieta quarterback Brady Jones, who led Vista Murrieta to an undefeated (5-0, 4-0 SWL) season, was named the Most Outstanding Player of the Southwestern League. Valley News/David Canales photo

2021 All Southwestern League Boys Football Teams

Most Outstanding Player: Brady Jones, Vista Murrieta (11)

Co-Offensive MVP: Dean Connors (12), Murrieta Valley and Hunter Roddy (11), Chaparral

Co-Defensive MVP: Enoka Migao (12), Chaparral and AJ Poyer (11), Vista Murrieta

Outstanding Lineman: Landon Gallagher (12), Vista Murrieta and Elia Migao (12), Chaparral

Outstanding Special Teams Player: Tiger Bachmeier, 10, Murrieta Valley



Carson Tyler, Chaparral (11)

Eliza Lindenmans, Chaparral (12)

Chris Morales, Chaparral (12)

Jalen Punsalan, Great Oak (12)

Mason Gilleo, Great Oak (12)

Luke Simpson, Murrieta Mesa (12)

DJ Watts, Murrieta Valley (12)

Brandon Rose, Murrieta Valley (11)

Jacob Casals, Murrieta Valley (12)

Jake Steele, Murrieta Valley (11)

Sam Gbatu, Temecula Valley (11)

Matt Lindquist, Temecula Valley (12)

Ethan Bennett, Vista Murrieta (12)

Jalen Boston, Vista Murrieta (12)

Anthony D’ambra, Vista Murrieta (11)

Sean McDermott, Vista Murrieta (12)


Jadon Furubotten, Chaparral (12)

Tracy Dobbins, Chaparral (12)

Izaiah Souriolle, Chaparral (12)

Jason Pugal, Great Oak (11)

Ben Narlock, Great Oak (12)

Jelani Williams, Murrieta Mesa (12)

Connor Cassidy, Murrieta Mesa (12)

Jason Steele, Murrieta Valley (10)

Abe Flores, Temecula Valley (12)

Brandon Barnhart, Temecula Valley (12)

Joshua Stovall, Vista Murrieta (11)

Feagaimaalii Faaagi, Vista Murrieta (11)

Ezekiel Vestal, Vista Murrieta (11)

Gavin Galzote, Vista Murrieta (11)



Tristen Ramirez, Chaparral (12)

Carsten Mamaril, Chaparral (11)

Aviu Alefossio, Chaparral (12)

Daniel Ganino, Great Oak (12)

Truman Denney, Great Oak (12)

Cade Moran, Murrieta Mesa (11)

Christian Kretz, Temecula Valley (11)

Darius Knight, Temecula Valley (11)

Marcus Nguyen, Vista Murrieta (12)

Steven Arteaga, Vista Murrieta (11)

Keona Armstrong, Vista Murrieta (12)

Jalani Jefferson, Vista Murrieta (12)


Avory Hart, Chaparral (12)

Trevor Crump, Chaparral (11)

Karson Martin, Chaparral (12)

Nathan Meeker, Great Oak (12)

Grant Hessler, Great Oak (11)

Tristan McMurry, Murrieta Mesa (12)

Kaden Damico, Murrieta Valley (12)

Gabe Serna, Murrieta Valley (10)

Tyler Sharble, Murrieta Valley (12)

Nathan Justus, Temecula Valley (12)

Jacob Sinz, Temecula Valley (10)

Tavon Shippen, Vista Murrieta (12)

Caleb Poyer, Vista Murrieta (10)

Jordan Little, Vista Murrieta (12)

Ethan Daarstad, Vista Murrieta (12)

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