Temecula post offices after 1900

The lobby of the Palomar Hotel became the 10th site for the Temecula Post Office and was utilized the longest length of time to date, housing it from 1939 to 1974.
Rebecca Marshall Farnbach In the early years mail was delivered by stagecoach, horse and wagon, and train. Several structures were used in different eras from the first Butterfield Overland regular mail delivery in 1859. In a previous article I enumerated the first seven structures that housed the Temecula Post Office, ending with the home of the Welty family on Main Street in 1895. By 1915 it was time to build a structure so the Welty family home could resume some tranquility after the coming and going of postal patrons for 20 years. Hattie Welty, postmaster, continued to serve in a new structure built for the specific purpose of Postal Service nor
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