Prior to the release of this report, the Lake Elsinore Storm had dropped eight of their last 10 games and fell to third place in the standings after losing six-straight games to Rancho Cucamonga, and one to the 66ers. Their last win came against the 66ers Saturday, July 3. The Storm, who are getting ready for Rated-R night, now garnish a 26-34 record and will look to bounce back this week with a homestand against Visalia.

On Thursday, July 15, the Storm’s game day themes were a combination of Mega Thirsty Thursday ($30 for all you can drink) and Rated R Night! In a brand-new ballpark experiment, they pushed the boundaries of typical baseball practices with mature content during an actual Storm game.

The Lake Elsinore Storm dropped seven straight games and this week they sit in third place in the standings, six and a half games back from first place. Valley News/Action Captures Media Group

There was good-natured, adult content all game long. Whether it was the PA, the master of ceremonies, the music selections or the mid-inning fan participation games, this night will be suited for those 18 and older. On this night, they encouraged a stadium filled with people wearing anything but clothes. That means trash bags, togas, or anything your imagination can conjure got you a $10 ticket voucher at the box office. They did stress for fans to remain respectfully covered up and any nudity will not be permitted, however, they did want all in attendance to be creative.

Lake Elsinore staff do say that this night has its limits, however. Per MLB guidelines, there was still be no cursing or derogatory language inside the park. Belligerent or demeaning behavior was also not be accepted. If you chose to attend this night with someone under 18, they were be required to fill out a waiver and if you would like to get a ticket for a different day, they would be happy to accommodate you.

If you have any further questions regarding Rated R Night, please call the box office at (951) 245-HITS. For more information on the Lake Elsinore Storm, and to check game times for this week and beyond, visit Article contributions made by Storm staff member, Justin Jett.