Psychotherapist dives into the mental health and brain benefits of getting summer sun

Doctor with stethoscope
Valley News - Health
TEMECULA – Summer brings longer days, which means more time to spend outdoors, soaking up that precious sunshine. While we may all know that feel-good feeling that spending time outdoors brings, there is actually more to it than you think.Dr. Teralyn Sell, psychotherapist and brain health expert, touches on mental and brain health benefits of getting adequate sunshine exposure.“Spending time in the sun is essential for good physical and mental health. Vitamin D is a hormone that our body makes and it is also an essential nutrient that we can get from food. As we age, however, our body begins to make less and less on its own so it’s important to look for different sources of vitamin D. It is now known that vitamin D helps create strong bones, has an impact on the reduction of
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