Wouldn’t You Rather Live in Peace?

Pastor Zachary Elliott
Zachary Elliott, 2020
Zachary ElliottSpecial to Valley NewsMy wife is terrified of eating expired food. She’s constantly checking the expiration dates on absolutely every item in our refrigerator and pantry. So zealous is she about avoiding expired items she dumps out the milk two days before the expiration.What are you afraid of?I’m sure for you; fear is not a foreign emotion. We all face it, often daily. It can reveal itself in our lives through panic, worry, anxiety, etc.If you face this issue, let me ask you: Wouldn’t you rather live in peace?I know the answer to that is probably a loud and resounding yes. We all would rather live in peace.Here are Three Steps to Living in Peace:Accept God’s Spirit of PeaceIt’s important to understand that fear is not a gift fro
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