Cleanup volunteers in Wildomar stumble across a 113-year-old periodical from London

A page from the 1908 Vanity Fair Magazine. The pages have ads for Royal Exchange Insurance, caterers for “Ball Suppers” for the London Season, and chauffeurs for hire to travel to and from dinner, theater and supper in London. Valley News/Courtesy photo
A team of volunteers who help clean up trash throughout the city of Wildomar stumbled across a rare magazine from Vanity Fair published June 24, 1908. City Councilmember Bridgette Moore who leads the Wildomar Beautification Team discovered the periodical that was in pristine condition, wrapped in a clear plastic sleeve.“Our team was out, alongside the 1-15 corridor early December in Wildomar picking up trash when I found the magazine,” said Moore. “I assume someone was moving, and it fell out of their truck or something not sure how it landed in our small community.”Moore said there is an official stamp on the magazine from the Inner Temple Library, a private law library in London, England, serving barristers, judges, and students on the Bar Professional Training Course.
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