How the weather affects California’s giant redwood trees

Redwoods, the tallest trees in the world, grow in Northern California. Valley News/Roger Boddaert photo
Roger BoddaertSpecial to the Valley NewsEarly in my childhood, my parents would take summer outings to explore the many parks and natural wonders within California. On one of those exploring excursions, we traveled to the northern section of California to camp among the giant redwood trees.At that camping experience, I first saw the giant and majestic sequoia sempervirens or California coastal redwood trees. That awe-inspiring trip instigated the forming and governing of my future journey within the world’s plant kingdom.Imagine standing in a grove of giant trees and looking upward to the sky above, over 300 feet from the forest floor, and feeling the incredible spirit of those redwood trees as a young lad.[gallery td_select_gallery_slide="slide" ids="56825,56829,5682
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