Supervisors Formally Deny Proposed Cannabis Farm West of Temecula

Marijuana thrives under artificial light, but at what cost to neighboring residents? Anza Valley Outlook/Diane Sieker photo
RIVERSIDE - The Board of Supervisors today unanimously affirmed ts prior decision to reject a proposed commercial cannabis cultivation site just west of Temecula, despite an appeal by the property owner, who suggested the supervisors were not behaving like a "neutral third party.'' "It should be OK to cultivate cannabis on one's property,'' Samuel Hazelip, owner of Fuego Farms, told the board. "I've done every single thing, one after another after another (to meet the county's permitting criteria). It frustrates me when my next-door neighbors are telling me what I can do with my property and that I'm a bad guy.'' Hazelip brought two attorneys and multiple contractors who had been retained to work on the proposed commercial cannabis grow with him to the board's confirmation of denial hear
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