How to always have a clean home in 10 minutes

In a 10-minute sweep through the kitchen, you can wipe countertops, empty or load the dishwasher, clean the sink and/or spot sweep/mop floors. Village News/Metro photo
Do you have a busy lifestyle but have little time to deal with home cleaning? Do you find yourself spending hours cleaning over the weekend with the mess that piled up during weekdays? Are you wasting time getting distracted while sorting things out? Then, my friend, read on. You can achieve a clean and tidy home in a fraction of the time.Before we dive in with the specific tips, there is one important thing to remember if you want to keep your house spic and span all the time: little by little becomes a lot. Don’t wait for dirt and clutter to pile up. It is a good strategy to allot some time daily to do a quick clean, even just 10 minutes or less daily for each room.Now, here’s a cleaning plan you can copy for a cleaner home all week, and more rest time for you on weekends.
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