Anza Thimble Club’s Thanksgiving meeting welcomes new members

Tonie Ford, left, and Megan Haley enjoy a brisk conversation at the Anza Thimble Club’s Thanksgiving meeting Thursday, Nov. 3 at the Community Hall. Anza Valley Outlook/Diane Sieker photo
The November Thanksgiving meeting of the Anza Thimble Club was very well-attended, with members of the oldest charitable organization in Anza welcoming new members to their fold. The ladies presented their customary assemblage of sharing updates, organizing committees, listening to guest speakers and taking part in a potluck feast that combined the culinary talents of some of Anza’s best cooks.Turkey, pies, desserts, salads, mashed potatoes with gravy, cheesecake, roasted squash and more were served. There were no Thimble Chefs to acknowledge, as the lunch was a potluck, with Annie Ashby providing the turkey.After the meal, the meeting resumed. Ashby completed the initiation of Elaine Walker into the club. Many new faces were welcomed and applied for membership as well.B.J. J
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