Murrieta City Council approves a Mental Health Advisory Subcommittee to look into the Mental Health Crisis in the community and region

The Murrieta City Council, putting aside any doubts there was a “mental health crisis” in not only the city, but regionally, approved the formation of an ad hoc committee to explore ways to bring it to the attention of Riverside County and the state at their Tuesday, Jan. 17, meeting. In previous meetings, the resolution to form a Mental Health Advisory Subcommittee made by former Council member Lori Stone, who is now mayor pro tem, and former Mayor Jonathon Ingram, who has termed out, ran into some questions that resulted in the request being tabled for further discussion. In the Tuesday night meeting, Stone made the request again with new Council member Jon Levell to hear from citizens, a psychotherapist, a physician, community leaders and people who were experiencing difficulties
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