Owl poisonings on the increase in Anza

Owlets are discovered dead in Anza and rodenticide poisoning is suspected. Anza Valley Outlook/Courtesy photo
There has been a dramatic increase in the discovery of dead owls and their young in the Anza Valley in recent weeks and residents believe rodenticide poisoning is to blame.Throughout California, poison bait used to kill rodents has inadvertently hurt, killed or maimed countless pets, wild animals and birds of prey.Biologists warn that if the predators that feed on squirrels, rats, mice and gophers, such as owls, hawks, raccoons, bobcats, mountain lions, foxes, skunks and coyotes consume dead or dying poisoned rodents that have eaten these baits, they will also be poisoned. Dogs and cats may also eat these dead or dying small mammals and even bait that is within their reach, with often fatal results.The anticoagulant chemicals used in rodenticide products can be transferred to a
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