How to stand for God

Pastor Zachary Elliott
Zachary Elliott, 2020
The biblical account of Daniel in the lion’s den has been read, told and retold for thousands of years. It’s a real-life historical account of a man, Daniel, who was taken captive by a foreign power, the Babylonians.How did he do it? How did he keep standing for God, even when his life was turned upside down? How did he stand for God when his family was most likely killed, and he was forced to be a eunuch before entering the king’s service?How did he keep standing for God even when it was illegal and he would face the lion’s den? Daniel wasn’t afraid of political opposition, and you shouldn’t be either. Daniel's contemporaries weren’t happy that he wouldn’t play their political game. He wouldn’t let them skim from the top, and he wasn’t inclusive enough.To
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