Financial Focus: Consider these year-end financial moves

Nima Helmi. Valley News/Courtesy photo
TEMECULA - It won’t be long before we turn the page on 2023. But you still have time to make some financial moves that can pay off in 2024 and beyond.Here are a few to consider:• Review your progress toward your goals. Have you made progress toward your long-term goals over this past year? If not, you may want to revisit your investment and financial strategies.• Boost contributions to your retirement plans. If your employer allows it, you may be able to increase your contributions to your 401(k) or similar retirement plan before the year ends. And you have until April 15 to contribute to your IRA for the 2023 tax year. You can put in up to $6,500 to your traditional or Roth IRA and add another $1,000 if you’re 50 or older. (Your ability to fully contribute to a Roth IR
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