Murdered couple lived in defendant’s Temecula home

David Alan Floyd was arrested in connection with the death of two missing people.

In the Riverside County Superior Court trial of David Alan Floyd, testimony commenced Wednesday, Dec. 6, against the 60-year-old Temecula man. Floyd is accused of the first-degree murders of Angel Ponce and Danielle Ricker, both 31, at his residence.

The couple had been living at Floyd’s home when the incident occurred earlier this year.

Floyd, who is representing himself, is charged with multiple felonies including a special circumstance allegation for multiple murders, and various firearms and bodily injury enhancements. The prosecution alleges that Floyd had conflicts with Ricker, his former “sugar girl,” and her boyfriend, Ponce, leading up to the fatal shooting during an argument over their occupancy at his property.

The defendant is detained at the Byrd Detention Center without bail, following his February arrest. He was taken into custody after an investigation into the January killings.

The prosecution’s trial brief notes that Floyd had known Ricker for a decade and that she and Ponce were residing in his house when tensions escalated over a restraining order and residency rights. According to the brief, Floyd admitted in recorded jailhouse conversations that he shot Ponce to avoid a physical altercation and Ricker because “she was there.”

Floyd is also alleged to have transported the victims’ bodies in his Porsche to a remote location in Sage, where they were later found by detectives utilizing information Floyd provided to his family and corroborated by traffic cameras.

If convicted of the murder charges, Floyd faces a life sentence without parole.

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