The best clean, effective sunscreens

With clean sunscreens, the list of ingredients is transparent, easy to understand (no dictionary needed), have minimal ingredients, and do not harm your body. Valley News/Courtesy photo
Shelby Ramsey Special to Valley News Protecting our skin is just as important as protecting our internal and mental health. Which products are on my current and favorite clean sunscreen list? We’ll get to that soon. First, let’s talk basics.What is clean sunscreen? In my opinion, it’s a brand that cares and values human health and the planet. The ingredients are transparent, easy to understand (no dictionary needed), has minimal ingredients, and does not harm your body. The assumption is many non-clean brands are toxic and offer a double whammy approach: having a negative impact on your body and health and simultaneously causing more problems down the road. The brands that just keep giving, but not in the ideal way.Why should you care about sunscreen ingredients? First
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